Health Care! (To be or not to be “normal”)

What is Health Care?  According to the definition in my online dictionary:  The field concerned with the maintenance or restoration of the health of the body or mind. (note: it doesn’t mention money)

Would you say that this is what we have in the world?  In Canada even?  It’s not anymore, or at least not what it used to be.  Any time money is the motivation for your health care it’s not health care.  If you go to your doctor and he/she says, “That’s normal for a person your age.”  What he means is, “There is no profit in me treating this illness or problem you are complaining of.  Normal is not a nice word.  What it means is maybe 20 years ago it wasn’t normal and we would have treated you, but today everyone has that problem because of crappy diets and lack of exercise so today what you have is normal and we don’t treat it anymore.

If you go to your dentist and your insurance covers a treatment every nine months then you need to have it done every nine months.  Why?  Because your dentist wants the money every nine months, not every 12 or 18 months.

If your dentist recommends that you need a filling replaced, you get it done because your insurance pays for it.  What do you care?  Well, when you get a filling replaced the hole in your tooth is made bigger every time.  Soon there is not a lot of tooth left.  Then your dentist will want to put a crown on your tooth to save it.  Frankly if you didn’t have the damn filling replaced every four years you wouldn’t need a crown today.  Oh, and guess what?  Your insurance doesn’t pay for the crown.  You do.  So, how often or when should you have a filling replaced?  Ask your dentist, then ask 4 more.  You’ll get 10 different answers. So when a dentist tells you that you need your fillings replaced (which mine did every time I moved to a new city and changed dentists) you need to ask, Why?  Then do some research yourself before you commit.  Seriously I have 8 fillings put in when I was 14 and had them all replaced when I moved at 18 and then moved again at 23 and had them replaced yet again.  Why was it necessary to replace 8 fillings twice over 9 years?  None that I know of…  But my doctors told me I needed it done.  So like a sheep I let them.

When your doctor starts making you feel like you’re in a used car lot and he’s the slimy salesman, it’s not health care.

Take money out of the equation for health care.  The criteria for doing “a health care procedure” should not and can not be:  Will the insurance company pay for it?  Then yes we do it.

For the last 10 to 15 years I’ve been telling people, “You are responsible for your health care, so educate yourself.” If you rely on doctors to take care of you then be prepared to be ignored when your problems become simple old age.  There is no cure or money in it.  Treatment is not give because what you have is “Normal for a person your age”.

Normal does not mean healthy.  Normal does not mean it’s OK.  Normal doesn’t mean it’s fine and dandy.  Normal means nothing at all.

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Motor Vehicle Passing Cyclist

Okay, it’s time for another RANT.

Does anyone know how to pass a cyclist on a road with two way traffic?  I wonder sometimes if people driving are even awake or do they simply drive on auto pilot relying on all their bad habits.


When overtaking a cyclist on the road should you:

  1. push them off the road?
  2. pass by crossing over the double yellow line pushing oncoming cars off the road?
  3. slow down and follow the cyclist until it’s safe to pass?

Why does nobody ever choose 3?  3 is the correct answer and I’ve yet to see anyone drive this way.  Come on people.  When you cross over the line into oncoming traffic you are committing suicide.  Are you fucking nuts?  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been forced onto the shoulder by cars passing cyclists by driving on my side of the roadway!  To top it all off, last month a police car did it to me!  And he was not using his flashing lights or siren!  Do you just think you’re more important than me?  I should move off the road because it’s you coming?  I know, you’re late and can’t wait.  Well next time leave earlier.  Fuck off already.  Next time I’ll be driving a tank and I’m not going to pull over so stick that up your exhaust pipe you dumb asshole!

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Texting at the Dinner Table

One of my personal pet peeves is people texting at the dinner table.  Bad enough they have earbuds in their heads almost all day long and can’t hear a word you say, but texting while we’re eating dinner together is downright rude.  I spend time putting this meal together so we can all enjoy it together.  Maybe it’s not the Ritz but hey it’s home cooking.

Texting at the dinner table in our home is no longer tolerated.  I set a collection basket in the corner of the room and you can deposit your iPhone in the basket until dinner is over.  And that means the table cleared first buddy!


Here are some excerpts from other experts:

“The family meal is a social event, not a food ingestion event.”
“Be aware that others can see your thumbs working even when they are in your lap”
“If you are in a situation where your attention should be focused on others, you should not be texting.”
“Maybe people think they can time-share: both texting and talking at once”
“No one thinks someone on the cellphone can really be paying attention to another person.”

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RBC replaces Canadian staff with foreign workers

This sounds illegal and even if it’s not, it’s immoral. I have accounts with RBC and I think it’s time for a change.

Dozens of employees at Canada’s largest bank are losing their jobs to temporary foreign workers, who are in Canada to take over the work of their department.

I will not willingly support any business in Canada that doesn’t support Canadians. We might as well change the name of Canada to Cachindia. (Canada-China-India)



RBC is the Roayl Bank of Canada, not the Royal Bank of India!

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Electrotemp Self Cleaning Water Cooler Review

Vail_Oxygen3_Aut_4bbd58b9a3108Electrotemp has had a good idea in a self cleaning water cooler to keep your water cooler clean and free of bacterial infection.

I was surprised myself to learn that many people don’t clean their water coolers and risk getting E coli, Legionella, and other serious bacteria infection.  I understand why it happens as cleaning the water cooler is a bit of a chore.  You must wait until your bottle is empty and between changes flush the system with water and small amount of bleach.  Clean all components and disinfect.  This takes time and effort.

Well, Electrotemp has a water cooler system that boils the water periodically during the night while you sleep and disinfects the entire system internally.  I was so impressed I bought one for my family.

Unfortunately it stopped working a few months after we received it.  The cleaning cycle is multi stage and stage 2 got skipped… which is the heating stage.  So my cooler wasn’t getting cleaned and disinfected.  I contacted the vendor and was shipped a new model and returned the old unit by Currier shipping.

A few months later this happened yet again.  I again contacted the vendor and was shipped a second replacement.

Now this unit, my third, is not yet three years old and it’s now not working again.  It’s the same issue with the self cleaning system skipping stage 2 of the cycle and not getting hot at all.  Certainly not cleaning and disinfecting at all.

I’m now int the process of contacting the manufacturer directly to find out what’s what.  Apparently they don’t have a service technician in the Ottawa area (our nations capital).

My concern with all this is that the cleaning cycle runs while you sleep.  Since I don’t trust modern technology to do what it is supposed to do, I set the time on mine off by a few hours so now it cleans late evening as I head to bed.  So if it’s not working I notice.  I’ll bet you don’t notice if your machine isn’t working, do you?

What I would recommend is that for anyone out there that owns one of Electrotemp self cleaning water coolers is to run a cleaning cycle manually.  On my model you press and hold down both of the settings buttons together until the cleaning cycle starts.  Watch it and make sure it cleans and gets hot.  In particular pay attention to stage 2.  It should take a long time here and get hot.  If it spends only minutes or no time at all, then you have a dysfunctional unit.

If you’re unlucky as I am with Electrotemp self cleaning water coolers please let me know by using the contact page.

Electrotemp website on Bacteria and self cleaning water coolers.

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